On Behalf of The Clorox Company, we would like to take this chance to express our gratitude appreciation to Jay Team Building for facilitating our team building event. Thank you for delivering a wonderful activities ! It was greatly appreciated. The event was a great success ! We wanted to take a moment to thank you, Desmond and Jovie for making our event so special. Everything was great, the pre-planning, constantly engaging and did their best to care our needs. Our entire group had a wonderful time, for a great cause, which made it better. Keep up the good work !

Clorox - Building High Performance Team

Commendation from AM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd "The activities were designed and executed with the prefect amount of challenges and excitement during there 3 days 2 nights event. There was an ideal combination of mental and physical challenges in which it encouraged every staffs to contribute together creatively and innovatively for each stage of activities. You and your team were constantly engaging with us while facilitated a good set of team bonding activities which allow us to enjoy our fun and memorable moment. After the event, we are still sharing with each other how much fun we had. Every moment happened in the event serve as bonding catalyst that brought everyone together as we share hilarious stories and moments of everyone. Thank you once again JAY Team Building for all your efforts. it was lot of fun!" Terrance Tan Human Resources Division

AM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd - One Team One Vision

It has been a great pleasure to have JAY Team Building as our training provider for our recent team building camp. Our participants had a really great time with their facilitators, of whom were patient and professional throughout our training camp. Activities which revolved around themes of teamwork and the importance of goal-setting and planning were excellent ways of bonding and developing our participants for the better. It was, however, a shame that we only could afford to host a 2 day 1 night program, due to our stringent retail operating hours. We advise at least a 3 day 2 night program for the learning takeaway to fully sink in. A huge shout out to Mr. Desmond Ho, Ms. Ng Chiew Khim and Mr. Chua for their contribution to the overall success of our team building camp! The quality and standards of the training were superb, and we definitely would recommend JAY Team Building to everyone.

GIORDANO Malaysia - One Team One Vision

On behalf of Samsung HR GA Team, We would like to take this chance to express our gratitude appreciation to Jay Team Building for facilitating our team building event and has created high synergy between our team to achieve the ultimate goal – “One Team, One Goal”, make the full day workshop not just full of laughter and team bonding but also highly effective. The Input from the workshop is not the standard workshop you can find, but a very customized one that really caters to client’s need, especially Eng Hooi has patiently took his time to understand our team and where were we with what king of internal issues that we have been facing prior to the team building. Pearl Employee Relations Specialist Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd

Samsung Malaysia Electronics - One Team One Goal

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank you Jay Team Building for facilitating our team building event in the way of creativity and high energy leadership. Your facilitator’s involvement certainly added value to our event and it encapsulated the importance of teamwork that we sought and contributed to the success of the overall activity. The program was well organized and delivered with absolute precision. The activities were challenging and complemented the leadership content well. Throughout the program, it has resulted in increased self-awareness and ability to assist others to develop through the use of coaching rather than telling. Also, it had a big impact and changed the way we interact in a very positive manner. Participants are also more confident and there is a higher level of trust in the team as a result. All in all, it was a great experience!

Wisetech Solutions - One Team One Vision

Dear Jay Team, On Behalf of all the employees of Tialoc Malaysia Sdn Bhd, please accept my appreciation for the excellent job you and your staff have done over a few events for Tialoc, such as team building for Managers, Tialoc 15th Annual Dinner with team building program, which designed for over a total of 130 headcount in Haiyai. Honestly, I have heard nothing but praise from all who had attended the annual dinner and team building that conducted by your team. We want you to know that we are pleased with quality of service your company provides. Jay Team were well prepared and very committed in making the events successful. Everyone felt that you and your team have done a superb job in organizing the team building and annual dinner. At first, we were pretty doubtful if Jay Team could handle a team building for a group of more than 120 headcount in a foreign country. It was an enormous undertaking but in the end it went smoothly and splendidly. In fact, the result has proven that you and your team are really amazing and awesome. Thanks for making our 15th Annual Dinner so worthwhile and memorable. We have recommended your company to other because of our satisfaction with your services. We look forward to doing business with your company for years to come. Thanks Again! Percy Ang Senior Manager

Tialoc Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Building High Performance Team

Dear JAY Team Building, We would like to give our sincere appreciation for successfully conducting the Team Building: New Age Leadership program. The customized modules were well designed, developed and delivered as to our expectations. The program was specifically designed Manager, Executives and potential future leaders. The Trainers were very engaging and competent in their area of expertise. The feedback from the participants were very positive and the learning experience was straightforward for application and practice at workplace. I would strongly recommend JAY Team Building to organization where they would like to have customized development program for their people. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you Eliya Ezlin Alias Human Resource Manager

Columbia Asia Hospital - Puchong - New Age Leadership

Dear Jay Team Building, I would say the team building session very good. All the participants seem to enjoy and learn new things. We achieved the objective to get all the participants knowing each other and be together. It was a short session and yet and the result was very good. Thanks Jay Team Building

Jabatan Peguam Malaysia - Building A Winning Team

Hi Eng Hooi, Would like to take this opportunity thank you and your team. Since this was the first event i had planned for this financial year, i was pleased to learn that it was the highest rated group activity that we have ever had! Participants really enjoyed doing something they'd never done before, and getting to know those on their team better. The Facilitators Eng Hooi & Chua were great, and so fun to work with. All in all, a very successful even! THanks For your help an encouragement in selecting this for our group! Scott Lee Unit Manager

Hong Leong Assurance - Million Network Solutions (MNS) - Leadership Training

Glad that we have chosen Jay Team Coaching Sdn Bhd to be our first teambuilding training programmer. Unfortunately we had the half day program due to our retail operation time, otherwise I believe that it would be fantastic if we could have a whole day session. Everyone enjoyed and did learn some valuable knowledge after the games or ice breakers. Can’t deny that was really fun. All games are well-coordinate and appreciated that Khim & Chua showed incredibly patience when deal with all employees. They also guide the employees if they can’t solve the puzzles. This is our first teambuilding with Jay Team Coaching and definitely not the last. Thanks to Eng Hooi and the team!

Calvin Klein - Team Building Workshop

Dear JAY Team Building, Their approach of bonding our team members is very difference with what we had in our past experiences. Programs are well organized, and each of the section is very effective in meeting our objective. The values that we learned through their programs are invaluable. Some of the programs did inspire our team members to be more proactive in communicating and problem solving. In the end of the day, we did receive a lot of positive responses from our team members. Significant changes are taking place in our office. Now, our staffs are more willing to communicate with each others in solving conflicts. “JAY Team Building” deserves the credits for all their effort in creating positive impact to our office. By Jurutera Perunding Primareka Sdn. Bhd.

Jurutera Perunding Primareka Sdn Bhd - One Team One Vision

Dear Eng Hooi, "The location of the team building was excellent, as it allowed to team to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Eng Hooi selected engaging and fun activities, which allowed the team to bond and made the whole session interesting and different. The elements that were used involved physical and psychological activity, but also discussion related forums, which enabled the team to share and for us as management to take note. Eng Hooi was able to conduct the sessions well with the necessary amount of enthusiasm and energy." Kind regards, Alex Soliman, Training & Quality Assurance Manager Customer Contact Centre - Kuala Lumpur

Shangri-La Hotels - Team Building Workshop
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