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A good program should have the element of being “challenging”. People love to be challenged and when challenged as an individual, it may make one take a step forward or back, it’s all about fight of flight. However, when you challenge a team, it will “force” them to work together to achieve the intended goal. As a team works together in pursuing the goal, team members who are not keen will be sidelined and the weaker staff must work extra hard to keep up with the pace of the team.

A quote from Jim Collin sums it up, “get right people on the bus, get wrong people off the bus”.

But when comes to real world, can your team take the challenge?

While working together towards the shared goal, you may see the elements of leadership, communication, team work, team problem solving skill, encouragement and etc. surface. The team will surely go through the second stage of team development (Tuckman Theory), Storming, where there will be lots of conflicts among team members. Don’t try to avoid this stage and let the team will grow organically with proper coaching and support.

How to challenge your team?

  1. Set end goals, Set them “begin the end with mind”
  2. Break them into sub goals. Celebrate each goal when completed
  3. Don’t force solutions, let them grow organically.
  4. Conflict is healthy.
  5. Coach them, not spoon-feed them.
  6. Equip them with the right skill and right attitude.
  7. Embrace empowerment, but prepare a contingency plan if worst happens
  8. No one knows your team better than you, so trust them!


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