Bored with conventional treasure hunt? Drained and exhausted when looking and guessing for the clues? JAY Team building Understand that the conventional treasure hunt will always require you to “think out of the box”, creative thinking and teamwork. But the problem is that, “Where is the box and how actually we demonstrate the team work during the treasure hunt?

I have seen a group of more than 15 participants walking under scorching hot sun with only 2 participants holding the paper and performing the treasure hunt. The rest of the team members were just follow the tour. This will make participants exhausted and fed up with the meaningless activity.

A good treasure hunt should

  • Have all participants fully involved in the treasure hunt and activities.
  • Not more than 4 hours
  • A sense of competition with other team
  • Involve planning, strategizing, discussion among the team member.
  • Challenge the team (not individual only) mentally and physically.
  • Encompass the learning outcomes such as time management, achieve team consensus, team communication, supporting team member and advance planning
  • Have contingency plan if raining or unforeseen circumstance.


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